New Red Squirrel Woodland Signs

Llangefni sign © Jules Cox (local resident who has expressed concern about the amount of reds being run over along this stretch of road)

Anglesey is now known globally as a red squirrel haven and many tourists come from far and wide to catch a glimpse of these cheeky gingers. Anglesey has been a red squirrel stronghold since grey squirrels were removed from the island. Over the last 21 years the population of reds has gone from strength to strength, from an all time low of 40 individuals to a high of nearly 800 today. Red squirrels are relatively safe on Anglesey, however, as the population increases and their habitat decreases, more and more reds are being run over on

our roads.
One of the hotspots for red squirrel road casualties is the Plas Newydd road where we are working with the National Trust, who are raising funds to erect two red squirrel rope bridges to help prevent these road casualties.
As well as this the Highways Agency has agreed to put up some more ‘Red Squirrel Woodland’ signs to make drivers aware of red squirrels being in the area; it is hoped these signs will decrease the number of road deaths.
It has been agreed for road signs to be put up in Llangefni, Llanellian,
Brynrefail/Llanallgo and Bethel/Capel Mawr.