Three cheers for Anglesey Red Squirrels

We  are delighted to announce very generous sponsorship of our Welsh red squirrel conservation work by Red Squirrel Brands.

The company produces a fabulous Red Squirrel Gingernut Liqueur which is an exquisite blend of the finest ginger, thyme, rosemary, all balanced with tangy orange and lemon peel.

Manufactured in Scotland using only Ogilvy Scottish potato vodka, a donation from sales of the Gingernut Liqueur are now helping conserve one of the rarest animals in Wales.

Dr Craig Shuttleworth, a leading red squirrel expert said, “We were thrilled to take up the offer of sponsorship from this delightful product and from a company with such a well known environmental ethos. Bruce Borthwick, managing director of Red Squirrel Brands, had heard about our pioneering efforts to conserve Welsh red squirrels and was keen to help us safeguard the Anglesey population for future generations.”

Bruce Borthwick of Red Squirrels Brands said “I was given hope by the voluntary work carried out by Craig and his supporters, that the kind of re-introduction of baby squirrels into a safe haven like Anglesey, could be replicated throughout the UK and the welcome news of £1.2 Million from the Lottery Grant should be offered to Craig to assist other areas in developing this exercise.”

“Ginernut Liqueur is available at several retail outlets across Anglesey and we hope that residents will soon raise a glass to toast our fabulous island red squirrel population.”

Red Squirrel on bottle