Red squirrels: Ecology, Conservation & Management in Europe

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book cover 3The management of red squirrel populations relies on an extensive knowledge of the ecological, social and economic factors affecting population demography and abundance. This volume contains peer reviewed studies authored by many of the world’s leading squirrel experts, and is a collection which will contribute to the evolution of applied conservation across Europe.

Early chapters describe the interactions between red and grey squirrels, and review dietary studies, scatter hoarding strategies, causes of mortality, predation impacts, genetic research, and the impact of habitat fragmentation upon squirrel dispersal. Later case studies present the challenges of managing red and grey squirrels at a local, regional and national scale.

The book is essential reading for biologists, amateur naturalists and anybody interested in the latest cutting edge red squirrel research.

330 pages and 19 Chapters

(book size - 172 x 228mm)

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