EU LIFE14 NAT/UK/000467 Grey squirrel eradication tender (OJEU)

As of 2/1/2017, the award process is now completed and all tenderers have been notified on tender decision directly.

The RSTW Board now consider all stages of the tender and assessment as completed with EU process terms.

This page contains a complete list of questions and associated replies with respect to OJEU tender for grey squirrel eradication in Gwynedd (UK).

The RSTW LIFE14 NAT/UK/000467 contract tender document can be downloaded here

Question(s) received via email by RSTW Director on personal email account on 25/11/2016 and fwd to RSTW email

Question –

I am currently putting together a programme to carry out Grey squirrel eradication in and around the Bangor area. A few people have mentioned your name and I was hoping you would be able to assist in my search for labour local to Bangor. We have teams that carry out this sort of work but most are based in Bala and the transport to Bangor seems unreasonable and I would much prefer to use teams that are nearby.

Do you know of teams that have helped you carry out grey squirrel eradication in the past that you would be able to put me in contact with?

Answer sent following fwd email on 20/11/2016

Dear Sir

You recently wrote to Dr Shuttleworth regarding Sell to Wales ref OCT162195 which is a contract listed on the EU Open Journal from RSTW. You may not be aware that Dr Shuttleworth is a Director of RSTW. He has thus passed on your request for information for me to respond directly.

If I might explain that, in the context of this EUOJ tender, RSTW Directors, including Dr Shuttleworth, cannot unilaterally provide any assistance to bodies intending on submitting a bid for these works. All correspondence must come via and EU procurement rules mean that we cannot provide direction i.e. who you might employ, and must instead only provide clarity on points raised regarding the tender document terms and scope. Unfortunately we cannot therefore assist in any way with sourcing labour. We can reaffirm that, as alluded, the contract would not cover the costs of travel to the defined control area from further afield. We stress that we require CVs and relevant experience of proposed labour. Finally, a tenderer must either have land access to trap in the project area or demonstrate the ability to gain such access.

kind regards

Question(s) received via email on 22/10/2016:

Question – ‘Tender No.: 365102-2016… We are interested in participating in the tender mentioned above hence want to get more information about the same.

Considering the geographical constraint of personally reviewing the document, I request you to provide us the following details before we buy the document:

1) List of Items, Schedule of Requirements, Scope of Work, Terms of Reference, Bill of Materials required.

2) Soft Copy of the Tender Document through email.

3) Names of countries that will be eligible to participate in this tender.

4) Information about the Tendering Procedure and Guidelines

5) Estimated Budget for this Purchase

6) Any Extension of Bidding Deadline?

7) Any Addendum or Pre Bid meeting Minutes?’

Answer sent (22/10/2016) via email

Thank you for your communication in relation to the tender specifications. We provide the following response following your bullet point numbering:

1. The EU OJ tender document contains all of this information. The works encompass the eradication of grey squirrels via a defined strategic approach which is underpinned by demonstrable evidence of access to grey squirrel habitat within the C2 Gwynedd land area (see Map in tender document) i.e. formal permissions to trap within woodlands from the owners must be in place and evidenced, or certainty of such permission being granted must be presented and evidenced. The spatial and temporal pattern of trapping must be presented to demonstrate intensity of effort within the costed proposed programme of works. The CVs of operatives will describe experience of mammalian eradication/control and suitability to carry out the control work defined to achieve eradication. We cannot over emphasise that you carefully read, and respond fully to, requirements relating to control intensity, provision of traps, land access evidence, animal welfare legislation, collection of biological samples, data recording (storage and provision).

2. The tender document is available to download on the EU Open Journal as well as on

3. Companies within any EU member state can tender. We suggest you review EU OJ guidelines to see whether a company registered within any specific non EU country can tender.

4. All guidelines and procedures are provided within the tender document.

5. This information is contained in the tender document.

6. There is currently no extension to the deadline for submission of a bid for this tender

7. Any clarification or additional information will appear on

Our response to your question(s) will be uploaded to