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Anglesey red squirrels being screened for Leprosy

Posted On: Wed 27 Dec 2017 Posted In: News

Red Squirrels Trust Wales and partners have been working with a number of UK laboratories to screen the island squirrel population for various potentially pathogenic infections. Tests have revealed that neither LCMV or hantavirus are present but the adenovirus is widespread. Adenovirus can lead to fatal illness in some animals and this fact reinforces the need for all wooden squirrel feeders and bird tables to washed regularly with an antiviral wash. In the autumn of 2017 we discovered an outbreak of the lethal squirrel pox virus in Gwynedd and careful monitoring has so far found that the infe... read the full story

Winter Newsletter Available to Download

Posted On: Tue 19 Dec 2017 Posted In: News

The RSTW Winter 2017/18 newsletter is available to download: Newsletter winter 2017 edited ready to publish (welsh) Newsletter winter 2017 edited ready to publish read the full story

Farewell Dr Raj Jones – RSTW Ambassador Retires.

Posted On: Mon 18 Dec 2017 Posted In: News

RSTW would like to extend a huge thanks to Dr Raj Jones, who announced her retirement from her role as Ambassador for RSTW on 30th September 2017, following many years of hard work for Anglesey and Gwynedd's Red Squirrels. Dr Jones has been a vital part of the project for nearly 20 years, and was recently made an Honorary Fellow of University College Wales here at Bangor, mainly for that work. We wish Dr Jones well in her future endeavours.   read the full story

Pox outbreak – suspect case investigated on Anglesey proved negative

Posted On: Fri 13 Oct 2017 Posted In: News

Following confirmation that a Gwynedd red squirrel died from the highly infectious squirrel pox virus, we had then found two suspected island cases of the infection. These included a young female found dead in Coed Mor near the Britannia bridge with a large lesion on the face. The body was sent to Animal Plant Health Agency labs for a full post mortem and histological examination. The results in both cases were negative. Advice to the public is: 1. Please report an dead or dying red squirrels; including road deaths as soon as possible. 2. Clean feeders regularly and apply an anti-... read the full story

Celebrating red squirrel woodland habitat

Posted On: Fri 15 Sep 2017 Posted In: News

            We once again we will be attending North Wales' favourite woodland events. Join us in celebrating our native trees and woodlands with our red squirrel crafts, conservation demonstrations and much more. We are delighted to be at the 2017 Anglesey Woodland Festival at Plas Newydd on 23rd & 24th of September. read the full story

Squirrel-pox found in Gwynedd – tests confirm worst fears

Posted On: Fri 15 Sep 2017 Posted In: News

A subadult male red squirrel was found dead in Gwynedd with symptoms characteristic of the deadly Squirrelpox virus. The body was sent to Animal & Plant Health labs for post mortem and histology tests. In this case SQUIRREL POX has been confirmed. read the full story

Clocaenog Forest Training Day

Posted On: Thu 05 Jan 2017 Posted In: Events

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An Evening with David Bailey – Award Winning Photographer

Posted On: Wed 04 Jan 2017 Posted In: Events News

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Adenovirus on Anglesey

Posted On: Thu 22 Dec 2016 Posted In: News

Raising awareness of red squirrel disease and infections… Let’s take you back to 1997. Fewer than 40 red squirrels remained in a small area of woodland on Anglesey and approximately 3000 grey squirrels were ruling the island with an iron, if a little fury, fist. It was a bleak future for the red squirrel that would have undoubtedly become locally extinct if conservations hadn’t intervened. Luckily for us, there were some people passionate about our native squirrel and so formed the ‘Friends of Anglesey’s red squirrels’. You’ve probably heard the story a thousand times but fo... read the full story

Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and Microbes Talk

Posted On: Sun 27 Nov 2016 Posted In: Events

The Red Squirrel Trust Wales is hosting a festive event. Details can be found below. Join the Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and Microbes facebook event for updates and help Dr Craig Shuttleworth countdown to Christmas. read the full story