Welcome to the website for red squirrel conservation in North Wales

We are firmly committed to dramatically reducing grey squirrel populations in Wales.

We want to protect native species and forests which are threatened by the grey squirrel. This includes the rare red squirrel which has been driven close to extinction.

The eradication of grey squirrels from Anglesey has heralded the dramatic recovery of the red squirrel population and is a success we want to build upon.

Together with our partners Natural Resources Wales, we have started an ambitious program of grey squirrel control. We are attempting to eradicate grey squirrels from 165km2 area of Gwynedd and control their numbers in and around the Clocaenog forest on the Denbighshire moors. The Gwynedd work is part of a wider EU Life14 funded project NAT/UK/000467 – Sciurious LIFE

There are many people already working in these areas, very often as volunteers. They include landowners, individuals and community groups, all controlling grey squirrels to conserve native wildlife and our woodland habitats. These people are dedicated and share our vision of landscapes without grey squirrels. Contact us if you would like to be involved.


Red squirrels are increasingly being killed on Anglesey roads as the animals increase in number and distribution. We are urgently monitoring the situation and have funding to erect two rope bridges in 2014. It is really important that we are able to demonstrate a need for these and that we place them in the best locations to reduce traffic related mortality of red squirrels.

In addition to recording deaths, we work in partnership with AHVLA Vets in Penrith and Mr David Everest of AHVLA Weybridge to detect pathological infections and screen for viral particles in tissue samples. This work is invaluable as it provides a means of monitoring for disease outbreaks in the red squirrel population.

If anyone sees a dead red squirrel could you either ring 07966150847 (24hrs) or email the project staff/volunteers at the website (Craig.shuttleworth@RSST.org.uk).

If bodies can be picked up (using a plastic bag or gloves), we are happy to come and collect from any local address. We will subsequently let people who have collected animals know the results of Post Mortems.